Photos and drawings: little worlds

Experimenting with my ipad and the drawing apps, I tried to combine photos and drawings – first I did drawings and put them a photographed background, here is an example which got the nice Simpson-sky outside that day… Sigo experimentando con mi ipad y las apps de dibujo, hay un montón de cosas para explorar!Continue reading “Photos and drawings: little worlds”

A trumpet with details

Sometimes, some parts of the whole taken on their own are really nice and have a great quality to them – it’s the strokes and the little details that have their own magic of abstraction in this watercolor sketch, today I wanted to pay attention to the details…A veces, las partes que componen un todo,Continue reading “A trumpet with details”

Happy Mardi gras!

Today’s drawing is about the fifth season of the year: Carnival! As I live in Madrid now, there is not a lot of carnival, and these days of the year I miss the parties going on in Riedlingen/ Germany where carnival is a party for everybody celebrated in the streets of the little town. Today,Continue reading “Happy Mardi gras!”

Tea pot and friend… momento té… Teekännchen

The picture of today is teapot and his friend, a mixed media painting size A4 El dibujo del día de hoy es el Sr. Té con su amigo, en técnica mixed media y en tamaño A4 Das Bild  des Tages ist heute teekännchen und sein Freund, Mixed media – Technik, A4

The frog king’s aerobic show … Aerobic con el bufón y el rey rana … Hofnarr und Froschkoenig machen aerobic

Just for entertainment on this winter Sunday afternoon, here is a little aerobic show the jester and the frog king prepared for you. Have fun watching – and move with them if you like  …. El bufón y el rey rana han preparado una pequeña clase de aerobic para entreteneros en este Domingo invernal. PasadloContinue reading “The frog king’s aerobic show … Aerobic con el bufón y el rey rana … Hofnarr und Froschkoenig machen aerobic”

Holidays coming closer… las fiestas se acercan…die Feiertage rücken näher…

Just in time for the holidays, I got a little video for you… the dudes from outer space started to move towards their special Christmas party…. are they following some star, too?… Justo a tiempo para las fiestas, quería poneos un video: los extraterrestres han empezado su marcha navideña…. ¿ellos también siguen a una estrella? ¿llegaranContinue reading “Holidays coming closer… las fiestas se acercan…die Feiertage rücken näher…”

Dwarf on the road … Gnomo de viaje — Zwerg unterwegs

This dwarf is prepared for a long walk, got it’s coffee pot with him and moves quickly along. Another moving painting that’s doing several movements while you are turning a handle. It’s done with acrylics on wood (70 x 100 cm), the mechanical parts are metal, wire, cardboard, wood and string. Este gnomo se haContinue reading “Dwarf on the road … Gnomo de viaje — Zwerg unterwegs”

Balance is everything … equilibrio lo es todo … Gleichgewicht ist alles

Today, we let the ballerina dance: while turning her umbrella with elegance, she keeps balance on a moving ball  – and even lifts her leg high up and down! Don’t try that at home, it might end in an accident 😉 Hoy hacemos moverse a la bailarina,va girando su paraguas, mientras mantiene su equilibrio encimaContinue reading “Balance is everything … equilibrio lo es todo … Gleichgewicht ist alles”

Primaballerina … la bailarina … die Primaballerina

Another painting that moves! Can you imagine what the prima ballerina does? It’s an acrylic painting on wood of 70 x 10 cm and it’s got a mechanism made from wood, string, cardboard and wire. See the whole painting and some details here… Otro cuadro que se mueve! ¿Ya te puedes imagina lo que haceContinue reading “Primaballerina … la bailarina … die Primaballerina”

A painting that moves … un cuadro que se mueve … ein Bild , das sich bewegt

Today I want to present you the first example of a series of moving paintings. It is done with acrylics on wood and its size is 70 x 100 cm. The mechanics are mostly wires, screws and threads. Each of the wheels can be turned and something happens to the ladybug … Got curiosity? watchContinue reading “A painting that moves … un cuadro que se mueve … ein Bild , das sich bewegt”