Thoughts on the last day of 2020

Yes, it was a strange year, full of lessons to learn, changes to adapt to, but also new possibilities to explore… I’m sure we all will remember this year all our lives.

For me personally it pushes me out into the open again and makes me reorganize my life, my work and my way of living. This process just began, and I am exploring all kinds of ideas and possibilities that allow me to exploit my creativity and lift my artwork to the next level.

During this year, I got the impression that our severely damaged and injured planet is trying to call us to more action in order to protect it and care for it.

I tried to express this idea with a little moving image, based on a rough mixed media and acrylic painting with cut-outs of a book.

Have a good transition from 2020 to 2021, and I wish you all the best for the New Year, most important: Stay healthy and in a good mood!

Playing around….

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A lady and her adventures…

Another little series I did recently, digitally on the ipad are some drawings of this adventurous young lady. She always takes handbag with her – just as real ladies do – and wears her high heels very bravely. For more digital drawings, have a look at my medium page
Otra pequeña serie que hice en los últimos días en digital en el ipad, son estos dibujos de una señorita muy valiente. Eso sí, siempre se lleva su bolso a todas partes – como lo suelen hacer las verdaderas señoritas – y por supuesto lleva sus tacones con orgullo. Para ver más dibujos digitales, pincha aquí..
Noch eine kleine Serie, die ich in letzter Zeit digital gemacht habe, sind die Zeichnungen einer abenteuerlustigen Dame, die mit ihrem taeschchen unterwegs ist – so wie das die richtigen Damen eben so machen – und ihre high heels traegt sie tapfer zu jeder Gelegenheit…. Mehr digitale Zeichnungen gibt’s hier..




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