The town musicians of Bremen

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Photos and drawings: little worlds

Experimenting with my ipad and the drawing apps, I tried to combine photos and drawings – first I did drawings and put them a photographed background, here is an example which got the nice Simpson-sky outside that day… Sigo experimentando con mi ipad y las apps de dibujo, hay un montón de cosas para explorar!Continue reading “Photos and drawings: little worlds”

A trumpet with details

Sometimes, some parts of the whole taken on their own are really nice and have a great quality to them – it’s the strokes and the little details that have their own magic of abstraction in this watercolor sketch, today I wanted to pay attention to the details…A veces, las partes que componen un todo,Continue reading “A trumpet with details”

Holidays coming closer… las fiestas se acercan…die Feiertage rücken näher…

Just in time for the holidays, I got a little video for you… the dudes from outer space started to move towards their special Christmas party…. are they following some star, too?… Justo a tiempo para las fiestas, quería poneos un video: los extraterrestres han empezado su marcha navideña…. ¿ellos también siguen a una estrella? ¿llegaranContinue reading “Holidays coming closer… las fiestas se acercan…die Feiertage rücken näher…”

Sax and stripes … saxo rayado … Saxophon auf Streifen

The second altered figure is the sax player, it’s got is a strong part of graphite drawing within the acrylic paint, and a wallpaper-like background. While the others are on parade, this guy seems to be playing in a groovy Jazz Club … El segundo personaje que ha salido un poco diferente, es el saxofonista,Continue reading “Sax and stripes … saxo rayado … Saxophon auf Streifen”

Blues trumpet … trompetista toca el blues …. Blues Trompete

I’d like to present some altered canvases, that came out during the working process on the parade. They are the same size as the others, 50 cm x 100 cm, and painted with acrylics. The first one is the trumpet player that played too much blues…. Aquí os presento uno de los lienzos, que hanContinue reading “Blues trumpet … trompetista toca el blues …. Blues Trompete”

…and Tuba-man comes around…. aqí viene el Sr. Tuba …. Hier kommt der Tuba-Mann

It wouldn’t be a proper parade without Tuba-man. He composed a new love song, to give the parade a nice tune. No sería procesión sin el Sr. Tuba, además ha compuesto una nueva canción de amor para la ocasión. Auch in der zweiten Parade darf der Tuba-Mann nicht fehlen, der extra für den Anlass einContinue reading “…and Tuba-man comes around…. aqí viene el Sr. Tuba …. Hier kommt der Tuba-Mann”

Sergeant Pepper’s dance … el baile del Sergeant Pepper … Sergeant Pepper’s Tanz

Sergeant Pepper joined the parade and shows off with his unique dancing style. With the odd ball’s company, there’s no lonely heart club any more 😉 Sergeant Pepper se ha unido a la procesión y presenta orgulloso su estilo de baile algo peculiar. Se acabó el club de los corazones solitarios 🙂 Sergeant Pepper schliesstContinue reading “Sergeant Pepper’s dance … el baile del Sergeant Pepper … Sergeant Pepper’s Tanz”

Drummer with attitude …. el bombo de juerga …. da haut einer auf die Pauke!

In the second position, the drummer rolls along, it seems like he’s giving the beat, but I think he just whoops it up… En segunda posición, el bombo viene rodando en triciclo y hace ruido con ritmo – ¿o ritmo con ruido? An zweiter Stelle kommt der Dreirad-Trommler angerollt. Der haut mal so richtig auf die Pauke!

a love song for tuba…canción de amor para tuba… Liebeslied für Tuba

Trying to catch up with the musicians at the beginning of the parade, Mr. Tuba rolling along… El Sr. Tuba se ha quedado algo atrás de sus compañeros músicos que forman la cabeza de la procesión… Herr Tuba wurde aufgehalten und ist dabei, seine Kollegen an der Spitze de Parade einzuholen ….