waiting for spring: more rope dancers

The inspiration for these happy and elegant rope dancers are all the swallows that are about to come back soon to their headquarters , and soon they will be populating again all the wires and cables around town, busy building their nests and catching bugs and having their happy conversations….
La inspiración para estos equilibristas tan contentos y elegantes a la vez, son las golondrinas que vendrán de vuelta pronto, me encanta verlos volar, balancear, buscar moscas, dar vueltas y todo esto mientras charlan alegremente entre ellas.
Als Inspiration für diese animierten Seiltänzer dienten mir die Schwalben, die ja bald wieder hier einfliegen werden, und dann wieder wie jedes Frühjahr, angeregt schwatzend auf den Kabeln sitzen, elegante Runden fliegen und ihre Nester renovieren.

rope dancers

You are my mirror

The typical tool of the jester is a mirror. He makes us look at ourselves from outside – and often it is because of this shift of perspective that we see this until the very moment so horribly serious situation in a completely new – and often times – quite funny way…. that’s why today I send you a jester 😉
El instrumento típico de un bufón es su espejo. Nos hace mirar a nosotros mismos desde fuera, como un expectador. Y gracias a este cambio de perspectiva vemos esta situación que nos parecía hasta justo ahora tan seria y alarmante de manera completamente distinta, y muchas veces bastante graciosa. Para no olvidar esto, hay hay un bufón…
Das Werkzeug des Hofnarren ist der Spiegel. Er zeigt uns unser Bild von aussen gesehen, wie ein Zuschauer. Dank dieser neuen Perspektive sehen wir dann plötzlich dass diese furchtbar ernste und wut auslösende Situation auch ihre – meistens sogar lustige – andere Seite hat. Zur Erinnerung heute ein Hofnarr….

you are my mirror

new sketchbook… libreta nueva… neues Skizzenbuch

It’s always exciting to start a new sketchbook! -And it’s kind of scary, too – you want to do it really well this time but as soon as the first fuck-up occurs, the nerves are getting calmer and you can enjoy playing around again….
Siempre mola empezar una libreta nueva para dibujar, y también da un poco miedo – pero en cuanto hayas hecho el primer dibujo algo regu, ya se normaliza la cosa y uno puede pasarselo bien jugando con los colores y los trazos…
Est ist immer aufregend, ein neues Skizzenbuch anzufangen, und macht auch ein bisschen Angst – aber sobald der erste Murks drin verewigt ist, hat man wieder Spass dran, so richtig ausgelassen mit Farben und Formen zu spielen….

libreta de dibujo nueva

a picture a day … el dibujo del día … mein Bild des Tages

Today is your day! “a picture a day” especially for you!…. el dibujo del día” especialmente para ti! …. “mein Bild des Tages” heute extra für Dich!

hoy es tu dia

Our workshop was fun!

Last Saturday was the great workshop day, my friend Silvia and me did two workshops at the fun Scapbooking place Bambola casa Creativa in Tres Cantos near Madrid: chalkboard boxes with a drawer in the morning and an original recipe book in the afternoon.
All the participants were in a really good mood – although I hope it wasn’t only the smell of the chalkboard paint that made them so happy ;-), and we created really great things!
I had a fabulous time and got very inspired to do the next one soon!

the chalk board artists

building the drawer for the chalks...


a finished box with closed drawer chalk board box with opne drawer...

Mirror mirror on the wall …. get your personal message to start a great day!

Who wouldn’t like to start the day with a motivating, positive message? It’s easy: Have a look in the mirror, pull one of the strings – and you get your own personal message for the day.

Mirror with mechanism, in my workshop

The mirror is another piece that came out of the box – story, this time I didn’t want to give the protagonism to the actors in the box you could interact and play with, but I wanted the person in the mirror be interactor and protagonist at the same time.  As well as the art-in-a-box pieces have a mechanism that allows you to play with them, the mechanism here are the 3 different signs that come up, depending on which string you pull.

the 3 strings that can be pulled message: Today is your DAY! message: You look wonderful today!  message: SMILE!

This is the first of a whole series of mirrors I’m doing right now, keep track, I’ll show you another one soon!

For today, just choose the message you like best and have a wonderful day! 🙂

Great list to maintain your creativity!

Great list to maintain your creativity!

I found that on http://www.todayandtomorrow.net, and I think the list is very helpful! For point 2, one of my inspiring notebooks can be helpful, just send me an e-mail for details – and let’s be creative 😉

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