Happy Valentine’s Day!…Feliz San Valentin!…Einen frohen Valentinstag!

Have a great day, being in a relationship or not 🙂 – if you’re looking for someone, maybe a scuba diving class can help… 😉
Un feliz día, si tienes pareja o no 🙂 – y si te gustaría tener pareja – ¿a lo mejor una clase de buceó como los del dibujo de hoy?
Hab einen schönen Tag, ob mit oder ohne Partner! 🙂 Falls Du nicht mehr solo sein willst – vielleicht könnte ein Tauchkurs helfen… 😉

scuba divers found each other

Dwarf on the road … Gnomo de viaje — Zwerg unterwegs

This dwarf is prepared for a long walk, got it’s coffee pot with him and moves quickly along. Another moving painting that’s doing several movements while you are turning a handle. It’s done with acrylics on wood (70 x 100 cm), the mechanical parts are metal, wire, cardboard, wood and string.
Este gnomo se ha preparado para un viaje largo,lleva su pequeña cafetera, y mueve sus piernas cortas rápidamente.. Es otro cuadro con movimiento, y también en este se mueven varias cosas, mientras uno mueve una manivela. Se trata de acrílico sobre madera (70 x 100 cm), y las partes de la mecánica consisten de madera, cartón, alambres, y cuerda.
Dieser Zwerg hat sich auf einen längeren Marsch eingestellt, er hat seine Kaffeekanne dabei und bewegt schnell seine kurzen Beinchen. Auch dieses Bild mit Mechanik zeigt mehre Bewegungen auf einmal, während man einem Hebel dreht. Die Malweise ist Acryl auf Holz (70 x 100 cm), und die Mechanik besteht aus Holz, Metall, Karton und Schnur.

Balance is everything … equilibrio lo es todo … Gleichgewicht ist alles

Today, we let the ballerina dance: while turning her umbrella with elegance, she keeps balance on a moving ball  – and even lifts her leg high up and down! Don’t try that at home, it might end in an accident 😉
Hoy hacemos moverse a la bailarina,va girando su paraguas, mientras mantiene su equilibrio encima del balón que se mueve con elegancia, e incluso subiendo una pierna! No lo intentéis en casa, que puede terminar en un accidente 😉
Heute lassen wir die Ballerina tanzen! Sie dreht elegant ihr Schirmchen während sie graziös auf einer Kugel balanciert – und dazu noch ein Bein hebt…. Bitte nicht einfach nachmachen, es könnte in einem Unfall enden 😉

Primaballerina … la bailarina … die Primaballerina

Another painting that moves! Can you imagine what the prima ballerina does? It’s an acrylic painting on wood of 70 x 10 cm and it’s got a mechanism made from wood, string, cardboard and wire. See the whole painting and some details here…
Otro cuadro que se mueve! ¿Ya te puedes imagina lo que hace la bailarina una vez puesta en movimiento? La técnica de este cuadro es acrílico sobre madera, y los mecanismos están hechos de madera, alambres, cartón duro e hilo de pescar. aquí unas fotos del cuadro entero y también en detalle.
Noch ein bewegliches Bild! Kannst Du Dir schon vorstellen, was die Tänzerin macht, wenn sie in Bewegung gesetzt wird? Die Technik ist auch hier Acryl auf Holz und die Mechanismen sind aus Holz, Draht, Schnur und festem Karton. Hier gibt’s ein paar Photos, sowohl des ganzen Bildes, als auch einzelner Details.

Bailarina, el cuadro que se mueve
the dancer and her friends … la bailarina y sus amigos … die Primaballerina und ihre Freunde

Detalle bailarina: el bufón
ester is waiting for the dance to begin … El bufón está espando que empieze el baile … Der Narr warted, bis die Show beginnt

bailarina y sus amigos
The frog the rabbit and the gnome have a side show … la rana, el conejo y el gnomo hacen su propio show … der Frosch, der Hase und der Zwerg zeigen ihre eigenen kleine Show

A painting that moves … un cuadro que se mueve … ein Bild , das sich bewegt

Today I want to present you the first example of a series of moving paintings. It is done with acrylics on wood and its size is 70 x 100 cm. The mechanics are mostly wires, screws and threads.
Each of the wheels can be turned and something happens to the ladybug … Got curiosity? watch the video…..

Hoy, os quiero presentar el primer ejemplar de una serie de cuadros con movimiento. Esta hecho con acrílicos sobre madera, y mide 70 x 100 cm. Los elementos mecánicos están hechos de alambres, tornillos e hilos. Cada una de las ruedas se mueve, y la mariquita hace algo…. Tienes curiosidad? mira el video….

Heute möchte ich Euch das erste Exemplar einer Serie von beweglichen Bildern vorstellen. Es handelt sich um Acryl auf Holz und misst 70 x 100 cm. Die Mechanik besteht zum groessten Teil aus Drähten, Schrauben und Schnur. Jedes Rad lässt sich drehen und bewegt etwas am Marienkäfer … Neugierig geworden? Seh Dir den Video an….

Our workshop was fun!

Last Saturday was the great workshop day, my friend Silvia and me did two workshops at the fun Scapbooking place Bambola casa Creativa in Tres Cantos near Madrid: chalkboard boxes with a drawer in the morning and an original recipe book in the afternoon.
All the participants were in a really good mood – although I hope it wasn’t only the smell of the chalkboard paint that made them so happy ;-), and we created really great things!
I had a fabulous time and got very inspired to do the next one soon!

the chalk board artists

building the drawer for the chalks...


a finished box with closed drawer chalk board box with opne drawer...

Art and Creativity Workshop set up – Do you like to join us?

workshop header

This weekend my friend Silvia and me set up our first workshop together. We had a lot of fun doing the photo-shooting all covered up in flour 🙂
I hope the workshop is as much fun as the preparations! It’s not about dough kneading, but about art – we’ll tell you more about it soon….
Happy Easter!

Mirror mirror on the wall …. get your personal message to start a great day!

Who wouldn’t like to start the day with a motivating, positive message? It’s easy: Have a look in the mirror, pull one of the strings – and you get your own personal message for the day.

Mirror with mechanism, in my workshop

The mirror is another piece that came out of the box – story, this time I didn’t want to give the protagonism to the actors in the box you could interact and play with, but I wanted the person in the mirror be interactor and protagonist at the same time.  As well as the art-in-a-box pieces have a mechanism that allows you to play with them, the mechanism here are the 3 different signs that come up, depending on which string you pull.

the 3 strings that can be pulled message: Today is your DAY! message: You look wonderful today!  message: SMILE!

This is the first of a whole series of mirrors I’m doing right now, keep track, I’ll show you another one soon!

For today, just choose the message you like best and have a wonderful day! 🙂

Have a look at the last circus-in-a-box, and ask Mrs. Owl about your future

This is Mrs. Owl. She lives up in the branches of a tree and sleeps during the day.
when the night comes, however, she wakes up and opens her consultancy.

As it is normal for owls, she is very intelligent, but Mrs. Owl is even more intelligent, because she can see right into the future for you:
The only thing you have to do, is thinking about a question that is really important for you, concentrate for a moment on it, and pull one of the three strings that come out on the bottom of the box.
Then Mrs. Owl will blink a little bit her eyes and give you her advice….

Click here and you can see how she does it!

Thanks for watching and have a good time!

Hook and Cook, the sealfarers

I am happy to present to you Hook and Cook, the two famous sealfarers, who do their show on the seafront. They are a perfectly aligned team, and get a reward when their show goes well.

The closed box:

… and inside the show can begin…..:

To see the show, click here.

Thanks for watching and have a good time!



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