Stories of insect life…..

Now in springtime they are back, humming and buzzing around: bees, mosquitos and a lot of other insects, so I decided to do some sketches about these little fellows. Ahora en primavera están todos de vuelta, volando por el aire y de flor en flor, las abejas y también ya están los mosquitos por ahí,Continue reading “Stories of insect life…..”

Can you keep a secret?

Another page of my sketchbook, painted with watercolor and oil pastels I just got they are nice and smooth to draw with! This picture has a fairytale touch to it, a little conversation between two little fiends…. Aqui os presento otra página de mi libreta, un dibujo hecho con acuarelas y mis nuevos pasteles alContinue reading “Can you keep a secret?”

Painting with your fingers

I’m still experimenting with the different drawing and painting Apps for mobile devices, such as ipad. There several intersesting ones, such as brushes app, or colorama, and combining them, you can get some really interesting results…. I show you an example: Sigo con mis experimentos con las aplicaciones para pintar y dibujar en dispositivos móviles,Continue reading “Painting with your fingers”

Some dudes from outer space

Some days ago, there were some strange but very friendly dudes coming by. I took the chance to do some paintings in watercolor, ink and waxcrayons of them and their vehicles…. Hace unos días se pasaron unos tipos algo raritos, pero muy educados y simpáticos por aquí, y aproveché rapidamente e hice unos dibujos conContinue reading “Some dudes from outer space”

A lady and her adventures…

Another little series I did recently, digitally on the ipad are some drawings of this adventurous young lady. She always takes handbag with her – just as real ladies do – and wears her high heels very bravely. For more digital drawings, have a look at my medium page Otra pequeña serie que hice enContinue reading “A lady and her adventures…”

Set your sails….

These sailor pictures where originally watercolour paintings from my sketchbook, but after I had taken the photographs, I decided to publish them as black-and-white pictures. I like the sort of vintage comic touch there is to them. So, here are two scenes of a sailor’s life…. Estas imágenes de marineros eran acuarelas de mi libretaContinue reading “Set your sails….”

Tea pot and friend… momento té… Teekännchen

The picture of today is teapot and his friend, a mixed media painting size A4 El dibujo del día de hoy es el Sr. Té con su amigo, en técnica mixed media y en tamaño A4 Das Bild  des Tages ist heute teekännchen und sein Freund, Mixed media – Technik, A4