Rooster rap …. Gallo rapeando … Hühner-Rap

Let’s dance! This rooster on its night out likes to impress with coolness and style.

¡A bailar! Este gallo se ha puesto guapo para impresionar con su elegancia y su estilo…

Rap en el agllinero

Der neuste Rap aus dem Hühnerstall! Der Hahn hat sich aufgestylt, um mit seiner Coolness und seiner besonderen Eleganz zu beeindrucken.

Mme. Henriette, the eggrobat!

Hello, the last circus-in-a-box is Mme. Henriette’s show:
She’s very elegant and sofisticated, a real diva.

She is an eggrobat, doing her show with incredible elegance, assisted by Miss Gingerhen.
The two of them are an excellent team and do a very synchronized show ….

Click here to see the show! 
Thanks for watching!

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