a picture a day … el dibujo del día … mein Bild des Tages

Today is your day! “a picture a day” especially for you!…. el dibujo del día” especialmente para ti! …. “mein Bild des Tages” heute extra für Dich!

Holidays coming closer… las fiestas se acercan…die Feiertage rücken näher…

Just in time for the holidays, I got a little video for you… the dudes from outer space started to move towards their special Christmas party…. are they following some star, too?… Justo a tiempo para las fiestas, quería poneos un video: los extraterrestres han empezado su marcha navideña…. ¿ellos también siguen a una estrella? ¿llegaranContinue reading “Holidays coming closer… las fiestas se acercan…die Feiertage rücken näher…”

Dwarf on the road … Gnomo de viaje — Zwerg unterwegs

This dwarf is prepared for a long walk, got it’s coffee pot with him and moves quickly along. Another moving painting that’s doing several movements while you are turning a handle. It’s done with acrylics on wood (70 x 100 cm), the mechanical parts are metal, wire, cardboard, wood and string. Este gnomo se haContinue reading “Dwarf on the road … Gnomo de viaje — Zwerg unterwegs”

Dwarfes like espresso….. Gnomo cafeinado … Zwerge mögen Espresso

The little dwarf scuttles along and didn’t want to join the parade without his tiny coffee pot. This is one of the last paintings of the second parade series , a few more to come…. El gnomito no sale sin su pequeña cafetera, y corre deprisa para mantener el paso – no tiene ni tiempoContinue reading “Dwarfes like espresso….. Gnomo cafeinado … Zwerge mögen Espresso”

The garden markers are dressing up!

Beauty weekend for the KNOWMO garden markers: I’m doing tests with different surface treatments, the black surfaces are ready to write on, I rusted the steal of some and varnished it afterwards, and  others I just varnished to avoid rusting. All together, they are now sitting on my backyard bench while they dry out, andContinue reading “The garden markers are dressing up!”

New Diaries and notebooks!

Need a little last-minute Christmas present? Have a look at the new notebooks and diaries, just in time! Here are some examples, as they are all individually made, each one is a little different 😉 Diaries A5, one day/page: 15€, and Notebooks blank, A6: 8€ Make your reservation here! Notebooks A6 Diaries A5