Lights and shadows

Ornamental lampshade – at first sight – how many animals do you see?

Today’s project is a wired lamp – although I only wired the lampshade – the lamp itself was done by a professional electrician…. safety first! 😊

This is an ornamental lampshade – at first sight!

As you probably noticed already, I really like animals – so this animal lover’s lampshade is an ornamental interpretation of dogs 🐶, cats 🐱, a mouse 🐭, a bone 🦴and hearts ❤️. Do you find them all?

It’s only bent wire, prepared to fit over a porcelain lamp, no screws, no welding, involved.

Have a shiny week everybody!

Puppy portrait: “Remember how tiny I was when you got me?”

This tiny 2 months old sweetie will be a beagle – my friend Evelyn got him for her birthday. I decided to paint her a puppy portrait, so she remembers how little he once was ….

little beagle Tasco

His name is Tasco, and he is growing every day – very soon he won’t be a little baby any more, won’t pee in the kitchen any more, but I guess he’ll go on working on making house and  owners his own 🙂

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