Artsy shirts…

Would you like to wear a painting ? An original? I started to paint some t-shirts last weekend, just to celebrate the arrival of spring –  and in the end the shirts were quite successful among my friends.  I used silk-paint for the first time and I was positively surprised when I saw what you can do with only the basic colour range! There are more to come, so If you are interested, just let me know and send me an e-mail
¿Quieres vestirte con un cuadro? ¿Con un original? He empezado de pintar algunas camisetas el fin de semana, en un principio para celebrar la primavera que al parecer finalmente viene por la sierra de Madrid – y al final las camisetas tuvieron bastante éxito entre mis amigos. Por primera vez utlicé pintura de seda, y me sorprendió bastante lo que se puede hacer con solamente los 3 colores básicos, así como blanco y negro! Voy a hacer más, así que si tienes interés, mandame un e-mail.
Hättest Du gerne ein Bild zum Anziehen? Ein Original? Ich fing am Wochenende an , T-shirts zu bemalen, eigentlich nur, um den Frühlingseinbruch hier in den Bergen bei Madrid zu feiern, und dann stellte sich heraus, dass die Shirts rege Begeisterung unter meinen Freunden fanden. Ich malte zum erstenMal mit Seidenmalfarben, und war positiv überrascht, wir gut die funktionieren und wieviel man mit nur 3 Grundfarben, schwarz und weiss erreichen kann! Ich habe vor, noch mehr zu machen, deshalb, wenn Du an einem persönlichen T-Shirt interessiert bist, scheibe mir eine kurze E-Mail

Camiseta delante

Shirt back

Camiseta unica

The frog king’s aerobic show … Aerobic con el bufón y el rey rana … Hofnarr und Froschkoenig machen aerobic

Just for entertainment on this winter Sunday afternoon, here is a little aerobic show the jester and the frog king prepared for you. Have fun watching – and move with them if you like  …. El bufón y el rey rana han preparado una pequeña clase de aerobic para entreteneros en este Domingo invernal. Pasadlo bien viéndolo y animados y bailad con ellos….. Gerade richtig für ein bisschen Unterhaltung an einem winterlichen Sonntagnachmittag kommt hier die kleine Aerobic- Show vorgeführt von Froschkönig und Hofnarren. Viel Spass beim Zuschauen – und Mitmachen…

Mirror mirror on the wall …. get your personal message to start a great day!

Who wouldn’t like to start the day with a motivating, positive message? It’s easy: Have a look in the mirror, pull one of the strings – and you get your own personal message for the day.

Mirror with mechanism, in my workshop

The mirror is another piece that came out of the box – story, this time I didn’t want to give the protagonism to the actors in the box you could interact and play with, but I wanted the person in the mirror be interactor and protagonist at the same time.  As well as the art-in-a-box pieces have a mechanism that allows you to play with them, the mechanism here are the 3 different signs that come up, depending on which string you pull.

the 3 strings that can be pulled message: Today is your DAY! message: You look wonderful today!  message: SMILE!

This is the first of a whole series of mirrors I’m doing right now, keep track, I’ll show you another one soon!

For today, just choose the message you like best and have a wonderful day! 🙂

The garden markers are dressing up!


Beauty weekend for the KNOWMO garden markers: I’m doing tests with different surface treatments, the black surfaces are ready to write on, I rusted the steal of some and varnished it afterwards, and  others I just varnished to avoid rusting.
All together, they are now sitting on my backyard bench while they dry out, and I thought they are a nice crowd worth a group photo… which one you like best?

Great list to maintain your creativity!

Great list to maintain your creativity!

I found that on, and I think the list is very helpful! For point 2, one of my inspiring notebooks can be helpful, just send me an e-mail for details – and let’s be creative 😉

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