Circus life behind the scenes

Would you like how Circus life goes on during covid-times, when there are no shows to public?

Last Saturday was World Circus Day, and I decided to do a little tribute to circus life…. This is how I imagine the happy protagonists of a imaginary circus having fun behind the scenes: no humans involved. Take a peak into the ring where some artists are hanging out …

See Molly Monkey with his friend Blanche, the famous balance artist, rehearsing their new show. – Paper cuts, acrylics, ink and graphite on paper, 42×60 cm, 2021.

And here are Olli Owl and Hatty Bird cycling around the ring. -Newspaper, paper cuts, sand, wax crayons, ink and watercolors, 42×60 cm, 2021.

Collage and book recycling

Love bird collage: See the video recorded during the process!

Just got started with the collages using book pages, and I really enjoy working more on this idea, it’s fun!

Without having detailed idea what picture I wanted to create, I just doodled along, cut the shapes, stuck them in my sketchbook and started painting. Sometimes it feels good to just let the natural process go on and take little decisions on the fly without thinking too long about them.

See a short making-of-video I recorded while doing one of this week’s sketches:

Setting course into 2021

Creatures from books

During these first days of the year I am setting sails towards this year’s dreams and goals – we will see where the journey goes.

Over the holidays I used the time to play around painting, drawing and illustration exploring possibilities with paper cuts, acrylics and ink. I started out in a christmas mood, but by now I got back to normal.

The drawings are not really illustrations although they are very closely related to books, as they consist of pages of all paperback book – I like the different shades of white and the contrasts, just focusing on white, grey and black tones for while, and then adding a little bit of color to it.

Creatures from book-pages
Creatures from books
Staring at each other
Red on hair, cheeks and hearts

Birds on a wire…. Acrylics and collage on paper

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Doodles with collage

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Where did the parade go?…. ¿Dónde ha ido la procesión? … Wohin ging die Parade?

Even though mostly the journey is more important than reaching the destination, in this case the destination seems to be quite fun, too. And as the members of the parade are very special, they attracted even a camera team…..
This drawing was done with acrylic paint, graphite, wax and some collage on paper and it’s size is 60×60 cm.

Dicen que el viaje es más importante que la llegada al destino, en este caso el camino era divertido, pero en el destino tampoco se lo pasan mal. Como son muy especiales cada uno, ya han llegado las cámaras….
Este dibujo está hecho con pintura acrílica, grafito, cera, y algo de collage, y su tamaño es aprox 60×60 cm

final de la procesión

Obwohl man immer sagt, die Reise sei wichtiger als am Ziel anzukommen, in diesem Fall war die Reise unterhaltsam und am Ziel ist es auch recht lustig, wie es scheint. Da es sich hier um die seltsamen Gestalten der Parade handelt, hat sich auch schon ein Kamerateam eingeschlichen, um das bunte Treiben festzuhalten.
Diese Zeichnung ist 60×60 cm gross, und ist eine Mischtechnik aus Collage, Acryl, Graphit und Wachskreisde.

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