Clown on a unicycle…. Payazo en unicicleta … Clown auf Einrad

The higher the unicycle, the more shiny the Clown’s nose … Cuando más alta la unicicleta (palabra inventada por la autora), más brilla la nariz del payazo… Je höher das Einrad, desto röter die Nase des Clowns…

Can you hear the music?

This is the second member of the parade, a sax player. As there will be a quite important parade coming along during the next days,  several musicians are needed… El segundo músico de la procesión que viene por allí durante los próximos días, toca el saxo. Der zweite Mann der Parade ist Saxophon – Spieler.Continue reading “Can you hear the music?”

Hook and Cook, the sealfarers

I am happy to present to you Hook and Cook, the two famous sealfarers, who do their show on the seafront. They are a perfectly aligned team, and get a reward when their show goes well. The closed box: … and inside the show can begin…..: To see the show, click here. Thanks for watchingContinue reading “Hook and Cook, the sealfarers”

Mme. Henriette, the eggrobat!

Hello, the last circus-in-a-box is Mme. Henriette’s show: She’s very elegant and sofisticated, a real diva. She is an eggrobat, doing her show with incredible elegance, assisted by Miss Gingerhen. The two of them are an excellent team and do a very synchronized show …. Click here to see the show!  Thanks for watching!