HO HO HO: Very original and arty christmas-presents!

Original art makes an original and perfect christmas gift!

Why not surprise your loved ones with art? Like the idea? What about an affordable and original artwork for your own or a friend’s home? My art inspires children who dream and adults who have imagination. The pieces make a great decoration and add a positive and personal touch to your home, it is so important to stay optimistic and smile in these times!

Visit my Etsy-shop for details, click here to have a look around!

If you prefer an artwork you’ve seen on this site and it is not on Etsy, don’t worry, just drop me an e-mail, I am happy to get back to you 😊.

Thanks for your visit, have a great week and stay safe and sound!

Holiday on ice ….

That’s what reindeers do while they are on holidays, waiting for Christmas to come…

Esto es lo que hacen los renos durante el año, cuando tienen vacaciones.

Reno patinando

Rentiere haben lange Ferien.  Sie nutzen sie meist, um sich fit zu halten….

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