Circus life behind the scenes

Would you like how Circus life goes on during covid-times, when there are no shows to public?

Last Saturday was World Circus Day, and I decided to do a little tribute to circus life…. This is how I imagine the happy protagonists of a imaginary circus having fun behind the scenes: no humans involved. Take a peak into the ring where some artists are hanging out …

See Molly Monkey with his friend Blanche, the famous balance artist, rehearsing their new show. – Paper cuts, acrylics, ink and graphite on paper, 42×60 cm, 2021.

And here are Olli Owl and Hatty Bird cycling around the ring. -Newspaper, paper cuts, sand, wax crayons, ink and watercolors, 42×60 cm, 2021.

Tissues and paper

Tissues with animal print

A collage using all kinds of recycled materials could be called sustainable art…

Here you can find magazine cut-outs , tissues with ink stains the look like animal print, pages of a paperback book that wasn’t very interesting to read, but proved to have other qualities.

Little bird with a new hat
Fashionable in black and white
Have a nice trip
Heavy luggage

It was fun to play and to draw, it’s always interesting to discover effects and materials – some work well together – others not so much – just like in real life.

Have a nice week!

Free running mind, just playing

Let your mind run free in your sketchbook – there are some interesting discoveries to be made.

As I started out this year thinking quite hard about all the goals to achieve, the directions to take, the priorities to set, it all got a little intense and I decided to take a break and just draw whatever came out. Sketching without thinking too much, just letting things go….

I found some details in these quick drawings that I found quite interesting – just taken on their own as abstract pieces.Have a nice week and don’t forget to play!

Birds on a wire…. Acrylics and collage on paper

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waiting for spring: more rope dancers

The inspiration for these happy and elegant rope dancers are all the swallows that are about to come back soon to their headquarters , and soon they will be populating again all the wires and cables around town, busy building their nests and catching bugs and having their happy conversations….
La inspiración para estos equilibristas tan contentos y elegantes a la vez, son las golondrinas que vendrán de vuelta pronto, me encanta verlos volar, balancear, buscar moscas, dar vueltas y todo esto mientras charlan alegremente entre ellas.
Als Inspiration für diese animierten Seiltänzer dienten mir die Schwalben, die ja bald wieder hier einfliegen werden, und dann wieder wie jedes Frühjahr, angeregt schwatzend auf den Kabeln sitzen, elegante Runden fliegen und ihre Nester renovieren.

rope dancers

a drawing – a story

Today’s drawing illustrates the story of two very talented air acrobats rehearsing for their big  show, when a little bee just passes by and stopps in the middle of the air, awestruck and saying sssoohhhmmmm….., while it sticks its trumpet in the air.
El dibujo de hoy cuenta de dos acróbatas del aire conocidos por su gran talento están ensayando, cuando pasa una abeja y se queda parada en el aire de tanta admiración, y ya solo sabe decir sssooohhhmmmm ….
Das Bild von heute erzählt von zwei sehr talentierten Luftakrobaten üben für ihre nächste Vorstellung, als ein Bienchen vorbeikommt, und vor lauter Begeisterung mitten in der Luft stehenbleibt, und nur noch sssooohhmmmmm…. sagen kann….

air acrobats

Bird hair day…. pajaros en la cabeza … die hat ja ‘nen Vogel…

I decided to do some drawing and experiments in my sketchbook, and started a series called “a picture a day” Here’s one of the fist drawings with water colors, ink  and wax …. He decidido empezar una serie pequeña de dibujos y experimentos con colores y formas. Se llama ” un dibujo por día” y aquí hay uno de los primeros…. Ich habe beschlossen, nun für eine Weile in mein Skizzenbuch zu zeichnen und zu experimentieren, die Serie heist “ein Bild pro Tag”, und hier zeige ich Euch eines der ersten…

die hat ja einen Vogel

Grand finale …Gran final … Grosses Finale

This is the gran finale of the second parade of canvases featuring 9 different odd balls, each one with its own personal character and fun: Everyone is special!
Hemos llegado al final de la segunda procesión de 9 lienzos diferentes, de los que cada personaje tiene su propio caracter y su propia gracia: Cada uno es especial!

II parade series, acrylics on canvas

Hier kommt das grosse Finale der zweiten Parade, die aus 9 Leinwänden mit seltsamen Gestalten besteht. Jede einzelne hat ihren eigenen Ausdruck, und ihren eigenen Witz: Jeder ist was Besonderes!

Spring is here!… and the swallows arrived!

Just in time for the start of springtime, the first swallows arrived here in Manzanares!
My couple of swallows took their house in the garage again and Mum and Dad swallow are busy restoring it and preparing their summer residence.
Each year, I ask myself, where they have stayed over the winter, what adventures they had on their long trip, if they are tired when they arrive and: What if they had flying nests?
flying nest bird pilot

Have a nice first spring week-end – and watch out for the swallows 🙂

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