Happy Valentine’s Day!…Feliz San Valentin!…Einen frohen Valentinstag!

Have a great day, being in a relationship or not 🙂 – if you’re looking for someone, maybe a scuba diving class can help… 😉 Un feliz día, si tienes pareja o no 🙂 – y si te gustaría tener pareja – ¿a lo mejor una clase de buceó como los del dibujo de hoy?Continue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day!…Feliz San Valentin!…Einen frohen Valentinstag!”

Which movie is this? … Cómo se llama la película? … Wie heisst der Film?

The red light of this parade are two famous personalities at once – know who they are? Look for the right answer here….. Como coche escoba  (nunca mejor dicho) vienen dos personajes famosas en un cuadro y cierran la procesión… Sabes quienes son? La respuesta correcta la ves aquí… Das Schlusslicht dieser Parade bilden zweiContinue reading “Which movie is this? … Cómo se llama la película? … Wie heisst der Film?”

Deer on a the move … Ciervo de viaje … Hirsch unterwegs

The deer didn’t have to think very much, it quickly got its backpack and is following the parade happily – it’s seems they march towards a fun place! El ciervo no tuvo que pensarlo mucho, cogió su mochila rápidamente y está siguiendo a la procesión – parece que la marcha es divertida! Der Hirsch überlegteContinue reading “Deer on a the move … Ciervo de viaje … Hirsch unterwegs”

Rooster rap …. Gallo rapeando … Hühner-Rap

Let’s dance! This rooster on its night out likes to impress with coolness and style. ¡A bailar! Este gallo se ha puesto guapo para impresionar con su elegancia y su estilo… Der neuste Rap aus dem Hühnerstall! Der Hahn hat sich aufgestylt, um mit seiner Coolness und seiner besonderen Eleganz zu beeindrucken.

Can you hear the music?

This is the second member of the parade, a sax player. As there will be a quite important parade coming along during the next days,  several musicians are needed… El segundo músico de la procesión que viene por allí durante los próximos días, toca el saxo. Der zweite Mann der Parade ist Saxophon – Spieler.Continue reading “Can you hear the music?”

New paintings: Fun dudes from outer space

As I found a lot of canvases of the same size, 1m high and 50 cm wide, I decided to recycle them and go for a series of paintings of different personalities that can work all together, but also on their own or in pairs or little groups….Today I present you the first of them,Continue reading “New paintings: Fun dudes from outer space”

Back to animal paintings….

One of my favorite animals is the donkey – can you tell? 😉 I especially like the dark ones with their tousled hairstyle! This time, it’s a donkey mum and her little baby on a quite big canvas – I tried to do the painting a bit less realistic without loosing the cute-factor and the personality of the two protagonists….Continue reading “Back to animal paintings….”