Hello again, there’s a new box on its way….

… it’s almost finished, I hope I can show it to you within the next days.
I had to take a little break and paint the house, but now I’m back boxing…


Welcome to Leo’s and Lou’s show!

What would a circus be without wild lions….
Let’s hope the cage is well shut.

And here is the jungle cats’ show: Leo and Lou, presented by their brave trainer!

 If you’d like to see how fierce they are, click here…

Thanks for watching!


Another new Circus-box!

I’ve just finished another box within the Circus-series, this time it’s an an interactive one:

The elephant band:

welcome to the concert!

to see it work, click here….



Have a look at my new stuff…..

Here is a new work of the Circus-in-a-box – series:
The announcement of a circus – show under a star- and moon-lit sky
hopefully will attract a lot of audience……

….. and the great show begins …..

… she’s breath-taking, isn’t she?  😉

Thanks for looking!


Hello everybody!

Welcome to my little online – exhibition!

Have a look around and feel free to leave your message, comment or thought. Thanks for sharing your opinions and impressions! 🙂