my story … algo sobre mi …. über mich

I’m originally from the south of Germany, now living in Spain, in a little town in the north of Madrid, close to the mountains.

As a designer, I like creating things, especially images, sculptures, visual stories and more or less fantastic creatures.

I think that everything we see establishes some kind of relationship with us, maybe that’s why I like to let everyone of my creatures, animals, or other figures have their own way to communicate with the visitor. This communication I think should be fun, make you think and therefore I sometimes like to incorporate a little twist or something fun or an unexpected little detail that tells a story about the protagonist of my art or design.

As I am convinced that life is a lot easier if you take it less serious, I try to make people smile when they look at my work. Moving your face muscles is one of the  healthiest exercises we can do: smile and and have a good time!

One response to “my story … algo sobre mi …. über mich

  • Katja Faber

    Hi Susanne, I came across your work on IG. I love it!
    I have a farm in Andalucia where I run workshops and retreats. I just wondered whether you would be interested in holding a workshop?

    I’m Swiss German/Spanish.

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