KNOWMO plant labels

KNOWMO, the useful garden gnome: individually crafted plant labels

garden label KNOWMO3 garden label KNOWMOs grosser

This series of garden markers came alive, when my boy-friend, David, asked me for a plant label he could use to organize the seedlings of his vegetable garden. I did some prototypes out of metal and after developing them step by step, the  KNOWMO-family was born: Abstract gnome shaped labels that allow you to attach seed bags, information sheets or simply personal notes and have them always close to your plant.
They are out of sheet metal, and varnished, rusted and varnished or painted.
The black gnome is prepared as a chalkboard, and you can write on it with a white pencil or chalk, then erase and use it again.
If you like them, they are available in my Dawanda-shop – visit and have a look around!

garden marker KNOWMOm garden marker KNOWMOs2

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