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Susanne is a German artist who grew up in a little village in South Germany. Her passion for making art started already as a little girl, when she loved to draw, paint and build things with all kinds of materials. In High school she specialized on fine arts and did an apprenticeship as a jeweler after school.

During her studies at the Pforzheim Design School, which follows the Bauhaus approach of arts, crafts and design, she started to paint with acrylics, took drawing classes and found out how to connect these art forms to design in metal. It was during her exchange year in London, when she really got aware of her passion for the playful component of her art that is still one of the basic pillars of her work.

Her degree project is aiming very consciously on the relationship and interaction between the user/observer and the object or artwork provoking play. Her curiosity and search for the hidden, sometimes special and odd, but  likable personality in creatures, animals and objects still is the common thread in Susanne’s art. A very important part of these personalities is their expression, a certain humor, and often also movement.

Susanne works mostly with lines, either in 2 dimensions as drawings or in 3 dimensions with wire. Her creatures are mostly invented and abstract recalling animals, clowns or robots. She believes that art wants tell a story, allowing the viewer to follow along into a new little world – for everybody to take away a happy experience and interaction with the artwork.

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You’re welcome to visit my studio! I’m in the nice and green south of Germany, pop by whenever you like!


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