Bird hair day…. pajaros en la cabeza … die hat ja ‘nen Vogel…

I decided to do some drawing and experiments in my sketchbook, and started a series called “a picture a day” Here’s one of the fist drawings with water colors, ink  and wax …. He decidido empezar una serie pequeña de dibujos y experimentos con colores y formas. Se llama ” un dibujo por día” yContinue reading “Bird hair day…. pajaros en la cabeza … die hat ja ‘nen Vogel…”

Holidays coming closer… las fiestas se acercan…die Feiertage rücken näher…

Just in time for the holidays, I got a little video for you… the dudes from outer space started to move towards their special Christmas party…. are they following some star, too?… Justo a tiempo para las fiestas, quería poneos un video: los extraterrestres han empezado su marcha navideña…. ¿ellos también siguen a una estrella? ¿llegaranContinue reading “Holidays coming closer… las fiestas se acercan…die Feiertage rücken näher…”

Ladybug … Mariquita … Marienkäfer

After you’ve seen the ladybug moving, here are some detail pictures of the painting and its mechanisms. Después de presentaros la mariquita moviéndose, aquí podéis ver algunas fotos de detalle del cuadro y sus mecanismos. Im Filmchen waren die Bewegungen gut zu sehen, hier noch ein paar Detailaufnahmen des Bildes und der Mechanismen. the wholeContinue reading “Ladybug … Mariquita … Marienkäfer”

Our workshop was fun!

Last Saturday was the great workshop day, my friend Silvia and me did two workshops at the fun Scapbooking place Bambola casa Creativa in Tres Cantos near Madrid: chalkboard boxes with a drawer in the morning and an original recipe book in the afternoon. All the participants were in a really good mood – although IContinue reading “Our workshop was fun!”

Spring is here!… and the swallows arrived!

Just in time for the start of springtime, the first swallows arrived here in Manzanares! My couple of swallows took their house in the garage again and Mum and Dad swallow are busy restoring it and preparing their summer residence. Each year, I ask myself, where they have stayed over the winter, what adventures they had on theirContinue reading “Spring is here!… and the swallows arrived!”

Mirror mirror on the wall …. get your personal message to start a great day!

Who wouldn’t like to start the day with a motivating, positive message? It’s easy: Have a look in the mirror, pull one of the strings – and you get your own personal message for the day. The mirror is another piece that came out of the box – story, this time I didn’t want toContinue reading “Mirror mirror on the wall …. get your personal message to start a great day!”