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Dog potraits

Due to lockdown in Spain, there are no dog classes, and we miss them really, Lou and I… so, just to stay a little tuned, here some portraits of Lou’s classmates.

Tim, labrador, best-in-class obedience star
Thor, innocent and sweet Bully
Orion, Beauceron, the prodigy
Ariel, Lab, the nervous princess
and of course Lou, my absolute favorite! 🥰

Fun with Colors

Going back to the sketchbook, this time in a fun and colorful way! I found an old box of @jaxon oil pastel crayons, that are really fun to draw with! It’s playing and drawing, all at once, can fun be art?

Christmas lights and candles

This year, my Christmas gifts will be lights: concrete lamps with delicate glass that hold candles.

Some are finished with acrylic paint , others stay raw – which is your favorite?

Concrete lamps and hearts

Just in time for the 1st #Advent, these candle lit lamps got tested today… The concrete collection is growing with the Christmas preparations…

Wire garden house

A house made of black iron wire goes into the garden as a wall sculpture. A 3-dimensional drawing with wire doing the lines. Check out the pics to see what’s going on at each of the 4 stories…

the 3 upper floors

lady welcomes you on the ground floor

birdy lives on the 1st floor which a 2 wing door

2nd floor has a round window that frames the view

swinging bird on the 3rd floor, with an open window

drawing lines in the garden

Mask hacks, Africa meets Europe

African art with a european touch…. I got some african masks that where imported to sell, but it came out, they might have termites in them, so they could not be sold and should not be inside a house.  A good opportunity for me to play around and do some twists on them… 

whoohoo, I got a fringe! Hack with a brush.

Calendar for 2017 almost out!

working on the calendar for 2017 – I hope, this year I can produce some samples and offer them to you…
this year there won’t be paintings, but a different kind of pictures, I hope you find them interesting…
Thanks for looking!

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