See the details to our Creative Workshop … and participate!

In the morning of our creative Workshop-Day we will show you how to built a chalkboard box with a drawer to keep your chalks, and a space inside to collect all the papers and stuff that normally is accumulating on our kitchen tables… We’ll help you to design, paint and decorate the outside with new techniques and materials, you’ll make a real special and eye-catching chalkboard.
The afternoon will be about creating a decorative and fun recipe holder, that allows to explore all kinds of painting techniques and color combinations, let your creativity flow!
See more details on the poster, and don’t wait to long making your reservation, there is an early bird discount! 🙂


Creative workshop

Have a nice and creative week!

It’s 5pm in Otter Village…grab a cup of tea and have a look!

Today I share some paintings of my sketchbook with you, one of them is “Tea time in Otter Village”. When Manu, a friend of mine told me that her favorite animals are sea otters and asked me to do an otter painting for her, I kind of discovered these fun furry cuties, with their surprised looking faces and their cool and relaxed lifestyle – or floatstyle?
“Tea time” is acrylic paint on sketchbook paper….

sketchbook page: sea otters having tea

“What’s up, folks?” a sea otter portrait:

Sketchbook page: sea otter portrait

Have fun – relax and take an easy float  – and don’t forget tea time! 🙂


How to do a little art box?

This week, I was thinking about an interesting piece for a workshop I would like to do with my friend Silvia, a experienced scrap-booker and  passionate mixed media artist. She asked me to figure something out that has to do with the boxes I made so far.
So, first of all, I was looking for some interesting thing to build that wouldn’t be too difficult for somebody who is not really used to work with wires, metal bars or thick cardboard – at the same time, I wanted the box to be useful and fun….
Well, before you want to teach something to others, you should really know the result yourself first, and see where the difficult parts are, how unexpected technical problems can be solved, and so on…
So I came up with two different boxes over the week, one is a wish box where a little bell rings and wiggles when you throw your wish in:


The other box is a message-box, depending on what you want to write on the font chalk-board, it can remind you of your shopping list, or it holds messages, poems, jokes, drawings, telephone numbers… whatever you like. The chalks you write with, are in a little drawer always ready to use.

Inside the box, there is space for paper and pencil to write your take-with-you-shopping-list, or for a new package of chalks, or it can be the ideal spot to hide something 😉

Ok, now I have a question for you: If you where to participate in a workshop – which box  would you be more interested to do?

The wish-box? The message-box? Both? None?
I’m very grateful for your comments, they are highly appreciated, and I wish you a great and productive week!


New year, new ideas….any good intentions for 2013 you don’t want to forget?

Right for the  beginning of the new year, when all the new ideas and good intentions come up, I finished some books to hold all of your personal notes. They are meant to inspire and to give a positive feeling when using them.
The notebooks are A6, with blank pages, and each one holds two original and unique illustrations painted on canvas.

Here is the girl with a big heart up front, and her king on the back:

king on the back

If you like animals you might like the one with the geese and their green shoes:
goose with green shoesanother goose on the back

There are more to come, so visit every now and then!
I also do them on request, to, so if you are interested in a special feature, let me know!

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