Painting with your fingers

I’m still experimenting with the different drawing and painting Apps for mobile devices, such as ipad. There several intersesting ones, such as brushes app, or colorama, and combining them, you can get some really interesting results…. I show you an example: Sigo con mis experimentos con las aplicaciones para pintar y dibujar en dispositivos móviles,Continue reading “Painting with your fingers”

Artsy shirts…

Would you like to wear a painting ? An original? I started to paint some t-shirts last weekend, just to celebrate the arrival of spring –  and in the end the shirts were quite successful among my friends.  I used silk-paint for the first time and I was positively surprised when I saw what you canContinue reading “Artsy shirts…”

Fancy a peek in my sketchbook?

During the last weeks, I was travelling and got out of the habit of drawing, working and posting, but now I’m back! 🙂 In order to get back into the creative flow, I was working on my sketchbook, just doing scribbles, doodles, playing with colours and techniques…  Drawing with wax-crayons and water colours is very simple,Continue reading “Fancy a peek in my sketchbook?”

Spring is here!… and the swallows arrived!

Just in time for the start of springtime, the first swallows arrived here in Manzanares! My couple of swallows took their house in the garage again and Mum and Dad swallow are busy restoring it and preparing their summer residence. Each year, I ask myself, where they have stayed over the winter, what adventures they had on theirContinue reading “Spring is here!… and the swallows arrived!”

New year, new ideas….any good intentions for 2013 you don’t want to forget?

Right for the  beginning of the new year, when all the new ideas and good intentions come up, I finished some books to hold all of your personal notes. They are meant to inspire and to give a positive feeling when using them. The notebooks are A6, with blank pages, and each one holds two original and unique illustrationsContinue reading “New year, new ideas….any good intentions for 2013 you don’t want to forget?”