The Flying Pixies!

Here is the show of the world’s first flying pigs – right under the  circus dome!

… and as pigs have no wings, they fly with their propellers.
Start your engines, guys, and up it goes!

If you click here, you can see them fly…

Thanks for watching!

Hello again, there’s a new box on its way….

… it’s almost finished, I hope I can show it to you within the next days.
I had to take a little break and paint the house, but now I’m back boxing…

Welcome to Leo’s and Lou’s show!

What would a circus be without wild lions….
Let’s hope the cage is well shut.

And here is the jungle cats’ show: Leo and Lou, presented by their brave trainer!

 If you’d like to see how fierce they are, click here…

Thanks for watching!

Have a look at my new stuff…..

Here is a new work of the Circus-in-a-box – series:
The announcement of a circus – show under a star- and moon-lit sky
hopefully will attract a lot of audience……

….. and the great show begins …..

… she’s breath-taking, isn’t she?  😉

Thanks for looking!

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