It’s 5pm in Otter Village…grab a cup of tea and have a look!

Today I share some paintings of my sketchbook with you, one of them is “Tea time in Otter Village”. When Manu, a friend of mine told me that her favorite animals are sea otters and asked me to do an otter painting for her, I kind of discovered these fun furry cuties, with their surprised looking faces and their cool and relaxed lifestyle – or floatstyle?
“Tea time” is acrylic paint on sketchbook paper….

sketchbook page: sea otters having tea

“What’s up, folks?” a sea otter portrait:

Sketchbook page: sea otter portrait

Have fun – relax and take an easy float  – and don’t forget tea time! 🙂


Author: Susanne Mack

Art and Illustration

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