This year, plant your own vegetables and herbs!

It’s still a bit early, but we are preparing our seeds to be planted within a few weeks. Because this year, we will have our own herbs and some veggies that are difficult to buy. We got some really interesting seeds at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, check it out!
But there is no great garden without a garden dwarf, is there? So I present you the little helpers that are keeping the whole thing organized.

Most are made of galvanized steel, and some hold your note or even the seed bag, so you always know what care the seeds need, and what you planted. Image
Others are painted with chalkboard paint, so that you can write on them what you planted, and when. These are more abstract, and they are available in two sizes, whereas the big one allows you to hang the seed bag on, too.Image
…. if you really like the little gardendwarfs with their red hats, maybe yo will like this up-cycled model, where a chalkboard combines with a mini-dwarf that watches your garden grow.


Maybe these little friends inspired you to think about planting your own stuff this year 😉
It’s fun!

Author: Susanne Mack

Art and Illustration

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