Glückliches Neues Jahr!

Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo! Glückliches Neues Jahr!

Wollte noch schnell einen Neujahrsgruss versenden… Ich wünsche Euch allen ein glückliches, und gesundes Neues Jahr! In alter spanischer Manier haben unsere 12 Trauben gegessen, (eine pro Glockenschlag), um uns für 2022 zu rüsten….

Happy New year to you! I hope it comes with joy and health for everybody! We started 2022, like always during the time we lived in Spain: eating one grape for each sound of the bell…. The grapes are incorporated in my spanish video. 😉

Feliz año nuevo! Esperemos que venga cargado de alegrías y mucha saludo para todos!

Angel with a shiny heart

Wire angel carrying a shiny heart – just in time to wish you a merry christmas!

Christmas is coming closer, very very close indeed. Time to share this wire angel carrying a shiny heart to wish you all a merry christmas.

Some curious visitors….

Outdoor painting: Mural with donkeys and other animals

After some months of busy changes and almost turning my life upside down, I finally settled down by now, being able to get back to making some art. 🤩

One of the biggest changes was moving from Spain to Germany, moving house but especially moving my studio. 😅

In our new place, after painting walls, and doing some renovations, I started out painting right there – inviting some visitors over onto an empty wall of our garden. What do you think? Like them? 

Mural with donkeys for the backyard

Moving sculpture

Moving wire sculpture – please touch!

Don’t forget to play! This curious clown is made to be played with – he likes to stretch his neck while moving along.

This 3-dimensional wire drawing wants to interact and turns the observer into an active player.

Iron wire, approximately 40x20x30 cm

Lights and shadows

Ornamental lampshade – at first sight – how many animals do you see?

Today’s project is a wired lamp – although I only wired the lampshade – the lamp itself was done by a professional electrician…. safety first! 😊

This is an ornamental lampshade – at first sight!

As you probably noticed already, I really like animals – so this animal lover’s lampshade is an ornamental interpretation of dogs 🐶, cats 🐱, a mouse 🐭, a bone 🦴and hearts ❤️. Do you find them all?

It’s only bent wire, prepared to fit over a porcelain lamp, no screws, no welding, involved.

Have a shiny week everybody!

Be happy – happy bees!

Let’s save the bees! 🐝
Happy World Bee Day!🤎🤍🧡

🤎🐝 🌺 Today is World Bee Day! 🌸 🐝 🤎

Let’s celebrate these little fellows who work so hard and keep us humans alive!

During the last years, I tried to plant lots of flowers in my garden, especially the variants bees like to visit. I read that especially the friendly and sweet bumblebees and the wild bees are in danger, so having bee-friendly flowers wherever we can is essential. It’s also good for our wellbeing having colorful flowers around.

And it’s important to avoid chemicals in gardens and planters – we use organic products and natural solutions to keep our plants healthy, such as compost for a good soil and we treat all the ladybugs we find with special attention, they help us gardening! 🐞❤️

Get to know more on and at the!

Do penguins like ice-cream?

Penguins probably don’t like ice-cream, and for sure it’s not good for them. Any way, the modern penguins’ problem is not ice-cream or no ice-cream, but the rising temperatures – we humans are responsible for….

Until now, penguins probably not even thought about having an ice cream, as they were surrounded of ice all day. But during the last years, their environment is changing quite a lot, and rising temperatures make life difficult for the inhabitants of both, North and South Pole areas. They are forced to change and adapt really fast in order to survive ….

This drawing is a kind reminder that we should be a lot more aware of what a huge impact our lifestyle has on many, many animal communities around the globe – often they pay for it with their lives.

Circus life behind the scenes

Would you like how Circus life goes on during covid-times, when there are no shows to public?

Last Saturday was World Circus Day, and I decided to do a little tribute to circus life…. This is how I imagine the happy protagonists of a imaginary circus having fun behind the scenes: no humans involved. Take a peak into the ring where some artists are hanging out …

See Molly Monkey with his friend Blanche, the famous balance artist, rehearsing their new show. – Paper cuts, acrylics, ink and graphite on paper, 42×60 cm, 2021.

And here are Olli Owl and Hatty Bird cycling around the ring. -Newspaper, paper cuts, sand, wax crayons, ink and watercolors, 42×60 cm, 2021.

Bunny on a walk

Easter bunny on his way to see his friends and enjoying springtime.

Now it’s time for Easter bunny to take it’s well-earned time off after all the hard work he put in painting Easter eggs, wrap the chocolate ones and of course deliver everything on time.

I just saw it going for a walk in the mountains north of Madrid, by the Pico de San Pedro. It’s a beautiful area were lots of his bunny-friends live, so I guess he on it’s way to a happy dandelion party.

Hope you had a nice Easter break, enjoy yourself, springtime just began.

Abstract Easter vibes

Have great Easter holidays in spite of travel restrictions! Stay safe and sound!

Spring is approaching, this year even before Easter, at least here in Spain. As the Easter Holidays we all will spend at home in order to keep infection rates low, I’d like to share some spring and easter impressions – abstract colorful bits and pieces to get a little happy vibes going.

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe!

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