Christmas lights and candles

This year, my Christmas gifts will be lights: concrete lamps with delicate glass that hold candles.

Some are finished with acrylic paint , others stay raw – which is your favorite?

Concrete lamps and hearts

Just in time for the 1st #Advent, these candle lit lamps got tested today… The concrete collection is growing with the Christmas preparations…

Wire garden house

A house made of black iron wire goes into the garden as a wall sculpture. A 3-dimensional drawing with wire doing the lines. Check out the pics to see what’s going on at each of the 4 stories…

the 3 upper floors

lady welcomes you on the ground floor

birdy lives on the 1st floor which a 2 wing door

2nd floor has a round window that frames the view

swinging bird on the 3rd floor, with an open window

drawing lines in the garden

Mask hacks, Africa meets Europe

African art with a european touch…. I got some african masks that where imported to sell, but it came out, they might have termites in them, so they could not be sold and should not be inside a house.  A good opportunity for me to play around and do some twists on them… 

whoohoo, I got a fringe! Hack with a brush.

Calendar for 2017 almost out!

working on the calendar for 2017 – I hope, this year I can produce some samples and offer them to you…
this year there won’t be paintings, but a different kind of pictures, I hope you find them interesting…
Thanks for looking!

Experiments with wires, lines and shadows 

 A bear with a baloon…. 


wire sculpture: mouse

Collage with lines a d objects: girl with a baloon  
collage with lines and objects 


As I hardly have had time to paint during the last months, I did some little collages every now and then…   


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